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Set Up a Trust to Ensure Your Family's Financial Future

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The Britton Law Office PLLC helps clients in the Tacoma, WA area set up trusts as part of their estate plans. If you're interested in establishing a trust of any type, make an appointment with attorney Britton today. He can tell you more about living trusts, health care directives and more.

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3 Reasons to Establish a Trust

An estate plan can be as simple as a single last will and testament or as complicated as a bundle of different trusts. The plan you create is unique to you, your family and your lifestyle. You might have a will with trusts included in it, or you might choose to simply set up a series of trusts.

Here are three key reasons to establish a trust:

  • Most trusts do not need to be probated, which will save your loved ones from timely court processes and costly estate taxes.

  • Unlike a will, trusts can go into effect during your lifetime or after you pass. This is convenient for people with large estates they want to pass on to their children at certain ages or for those who might become incapacitated.

  • You can set specific terms for the trust, such as your wishes for your health care or the guardianship of your children.

Attorney Britton can sit down with you to discuss the pros and cons of setting up a trust for your estate plan. Call today to make an appointment.